Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Hoarders House....Honestly!

Happy Wednesday all!  Okay so I know this blog is supposed to be about our house renovation and all of our DIY projects but I just couldn't help myself.  Our good friends Jared (our personal contractor) and his wife Jaclyn also just bought their first house.  Since they are both creative and talented people they wanted to buy a complete "fixer upper" and flip it so they can make money for Jared to build their dream home.  Sounds like a good idea, right?  Well they have been telling us about their house for months and months (while they were waiting for the short sale to go through) and how the people literally left trash/belongings everywhere.  I know that they have been saying this, but to actually see it for myself....I ....I have no words.  I made it all the way to the upstairs until I started to have a small panic attack, not for myself, but for them (and the realization that people really do live like this). 

...and this is just the garage!...a 3 car one at that!

Bless Jared and Jaclyn's heart and their willingness to put forth all this work to make this house (well walls and a roof) a home again (aka a livable space).  All I know is that if there are any two people who can take on this's Jared and Jaclyn. 

 Someday will be dining room and kitchen expansion... good thing we brought over champagne for them!
 (Above) Current dinging room now but they will be expanding the kitchen to this area
 (above and below) Current kitchen before expansion

 Some day this will be the master bedroom (above) and master bathroom (below)

 Future kid's rooms (above and below x2)

...and of course one of the many closets that were still filled with clothes!

So the immediate days after they closed on the house what were we doing?  We took our tush's over there and started cleaning all the s**t out of there!  4 days and 2 (HUGE) dumpsters  later their house is cleared out!  
(sorry I don't have any after photos yet)

We are so excited to see all the transformations that will be taking place in their house within the next year or so.....!

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