Monday, November 5, 2012

Adding a Little Bit of Character

We are still far from complete on our kitchen but now we are just taking little baby steps to make it more of a "Gilfillan" feel.  The last couple changes that we have made have been adding hardware to the doors/drawers and changing out some of the light fixtures. 

First thing's hardware!

 Workin' hard!

Yay!  So happy with the new hardware.  It definitely adds a more "homey" feel to the kitchen :)  We had to get 18 knobs and 18 handles...whew!  The knobs were $1.97 and the handles were $ definitely not cheap!  I think in total with our Lowe's discount we spent about 90 dollars on hardware :(  I will admit though...I didn't really shop around too much.  I knew what I wanted and got wayyy to antsy and went out and bought them.  I justify it though by saying that we are still wayyy more under budget than if we had just gone out and bought new cabinets instead of putting the work into these.  From what we have calculated so far (excluding a future countertop) our kitchen redo it totaling us $400 (for a space that holds 18 cabinets and drawers and lighting fixtures!)....speaking of lighting fixtures....

Here is a pick of my amazing husband taking down the 80's light in the kitchen. 

 Yuck look at all the dirt/bug guts on the ceiling!  I swear I don't think that light was ever cleaned....

Bug guts....!

Since there were sooo many bug guts and dirt we washed the ceiling and repainted it before we put up the light fixtures.

Very IMPORTANT:  Make sure you turn off the electricity to the light before messing with all the wires in the light.  Don't worry, we did remember to do that...wheww! 

This is our new light about the stove...

We are happy with it :)  AND I was able to pick it out one Friday afternoon when we both had off work without second guessing umpti-million different times!  Progress is being made...!

(Matching light above the sink)

We are planning on (at some point) buying darker counter tops for more of a contrast.  We are thinking along the lines of a brownish/tanish color?  What do you all think??


  1. love all the work that you guys have done. I am impressed>

  2. I finally figured this out... you can comment as anonymous - then just sign your name. this is patty - colleen's mom. Tony and Colleen - it looks great and I am so happy for you.

    1. Thanks Mom! Glad you figured it out! We have definitely been working hard! More to come tomorrow and Thursday!

  3. Love the drawer cup pulls! I really want some of those for our kitchen and bathrooms!

    1. Thanks! We were trying to decide between the dark brown that we used or the silver ones. I'm glad we ended up going with the brown ones though cause eventually I want to try doing the antique look!