Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Orange Bathroom....NO MORE!

"WOAH!"  That was Tony's verbal expression of the main floor bathroom as we were walking through the house for the first time, with the homeowners right there of course!  Granted, yes I was thinking the same, but I have the ability to know when the time is right to express my thoughts and when it's not :)  Clearly this post is going to be about our main floor bathroom redo...woohoo!

Wow is that a bright orange!  I am so glad that we have finally painted over it!  I am pretty sure that I avoided that bathroom at all costs before the redo just because I really didn't want to look in the mirror at an oompa-loompa.  Yes I said it..an oompa-loompa!  Those of you who saw the bathroom can 100% agree with that statement. 

So first thing is first we needed to take down the wallpaper border.  I will say, we are so lucky that out of the entire house, that is the only bit of wall paper that we had!  We used the Pirhana wallpaper removal kit.  It actually worked really really well!  It goes over all the steps on how to put the mixture in water, soak into walls, and scrape off!

Now time for the 2 coats of primer that was definitely needed for this room!

We wanted to paint the bathroom a blue color....just which one to go with....

Here is a picture of the color we decided to go with.  I am semi happy with it.  I am not sure how much it is going to go with the rest of the theme of the house, but if it needs to be changed later down the road, it's just paint. 

We also added some shelves and I went shopping for a new bath mat, soap dispenser, and towels. 


I also bought a crate when they were on sale at JoAnn Fabrics and spray painted it brown.  Now that I am thinking about it though....I think I might go back and make it look more distressed. 

I don't know why...but I don't have a picture of this in the bathroom.  I use this to store the toilet paper :)

Lastly, we need to still paint the trim white (which we need to do EVERYWHERE in the house) and after that I want to figure out something to do with the vanity....

I am trying to decide between either staining it a darker brown, or painting it a color?...What do you think?? Any suggestions welcome :)