Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Adding a Little Bit of Fall

I figured we would take a break for a little while (aka a weekend) from all the tough house projects and do something on the more "fun" side.  One weekend when Tony and I decided to go back to our hometown to visit our families, I was able to have a girl's craft night with my bestest!  Let me tell you, this project was wayyyy more fun than painting the kitchen cabinets!

Maria and I had been talking about making fall wreathes for our homes for quite a while now.  Both of us are obsessed with Pinterest and have been wanting to bring the wreathe ideas to life!  So the fun begins at Hobby Lobby....
 We had to make sure the size of the wreathe was just right.  Can we fit our heads through there??  Yes, score!

At Hobby Lobby we bought:

-wreathe (any size you want)
-hot glue gun and glue
-your letter of choice
-large ribbon (make sure you get one that is wired on the edges so the bow stays in place)

After our fun at Hobby Lobby, it was time to get to work. 
1.  We started by painting the letter we chose for the wreathe. 

 2. While the letters were drying we placed the flowers on the wreathe where we thought looked right.

 ( I felt the need to photo bomb her picture)

3.  Once the flowers were placed and the letters were dry, we placed the letters on the wreathe. This is where the hot glue gun came into play.

4.  Lastly we added the ribbon for hanging!  Such a simple project and we had SO much fun doing it...probably because we goofed off the whole time!

TA-DA!!!!  The finished product!!!

Maria's K for Kelly on her front door :)

My G for Gilfillan on our front door (slightly crooked but you get the point)

Total project cost was $30 dollars.  To get a good quality personalized wreathe would definitely be more, plus you don't get to spend quality time with the bf!  Once get the biggest bang for not a lot of buck!

Also, if you're feeling a little bit hungry after all this reading, check out her blog with Savannah:

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